The money printer is always on, but it doesn't mean your portfolio has to be constantly shrinking.

Interest Bearing Deposits. Continuously rebased supply to find price stability. Advanced Bonding Curve to drive price exploration.

BRRR is an experiment; to attempt to tie a monetary policy to inversely match a peg and provide accrued interest from that movement of that peg.

As such, since our peg is the US dollar, BRRR is not an acronym, but an interjection resounding from the sound of U.S Federal Reserve printing press.

BRRR, BR3X and BR10X is an experimental protocol building upon the most advanced innovations in programmable money and DeFi. Built by a team of passionate patriots, BRRRcombines memes and building a nation to provide financial freedom to our citizens.

BRRR, BR3X, and BR10X are built to achieve:

  • an inversely proportional supply pegged to USDT to seek eventual price stability

  • a treasury reserve to further support stability and provide swaps

  • Completely secure smart contracts with fail switches in the event of any catastrophic bug so no deposited funds can even be lost.

  • Continuous rebasing of the treasury reserves to drive price stability

  • Mechanisms that incentivizes participation and reward good behavior

BRRR, BR3X and BR10X are dynamic supply cryptocurrencies which expands and contracts its supply in response to USDT's balance sheets, initially set to 10x the total supply of USDT, every time USDT mints, or burns USDT, the exact same amount is inversely created or burnt on BRRR. (BR3x and 10x multiply the amount by their respective values to create higher risk higher reward exposures). This stability mechanism includes one key addition to existing elastic supply models such as Ampleforth: a continuously rebased total supply that rewards the rebaser for updating the supply. As soon as tether mints or burns, BRRR should be updated - as the mechanism allows for high level of financial rewards for doing so. Providing real time continuous rebases as USDT changes means less chance for whales to game the system and a more fair experience for normal users.

We have built BRRR, BR3X, and BR10X to be a MVP monetary experiment, and there will not be an initial dapp at launch but instead require users to access the contracts directly via Etherscan. The price of BRRR, BR3X and BR10X is unknown, and should not be valued highly. This is an experiment. After deployment, it is entirely dependent upon BRRR holders to determine its value and future use-case while they farm the yields.

As our foundation relies on the money printer going BRRR, we have taken it as our core definition. BRRRis a nation, founded by the founding fathers. BRRR users are patriots, fighting for the cause of financial independence. BRRR is a monetary policy fighting against the tyranny of injustice and financial pervertedness.

I am George Washington of BRRRingham, the first president of BRRR.

Get started by reading our Declaration of Financial Independence.