BRRR Declaration of Financial Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all degens are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, among these is the right to Financial Freedom...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are financial freedom and the pursuit of Happiness. In pursuit of Happiness, the status of having enough income to pay for one's reasonable living expenses without having to rely on formal employment is the goal, which is not only achievable for a majority of people, but it is an essential part of the individual freedom struggle, as there is no political independence without the economical one. In light of recent events in global society, economics and politics, we feel compelled to declare our independence from the traditional concept of economics, which is based on controversial concepts of needs, resources and progress. Although every human individual does have certain needs and he needs indeed certain resources, as well as a promise of progress on pressing issues, humanity has not yet freed itself from mass violence. Therefore, we must say with grief, that there is no valid consensus on the key concepts of the traditional economy and therefore these notions shall be considered controversial. We believe, that the real matter of Economy is the MORAL LONGING FOR DEPENDABLE INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS. The sentence "Man does not live by bread alone" remind us of this fact.

Unalienable Rights, among these is the right to Financial Freedom

For kids, personal finance is all about the coins in the piggy bank. For adults, personal finance means so much more. If one’s money stays in the current account without any financial activity, its value shrinks against inflation or other kinds of financial factors. In all history, people try to accumulate their wealth. Bad personal finance decisions can cause bankruptcy. So how can one accumulate personal wealth and make correct financial decisions? Your financial interests are always on the hook. To a crypto user, blockchain provides a way to achieve a new level of financial freedom. But there are still risks, one well known risk is Tether. Tether is a publicly unverified money printing machine - growing in market cap continuously. This poses a serious risk to the DeFi and cryptocurrency ecosystems. To combat Tether, BRRR acts in binary opposition. As USDT is minted, the same amount of BRRR is burned at the Treasury Reserve.

BRRR Amendments

Money is a means of communication with a truly unique property, which is, that it minimizes requirements on ability of comprehension of the other party (i.e. receiver of money). Thus, it enables effective sharing of intentions and motivations and an effective cooperation among people, who would be otherwise too distant due to their personal, cultural or ideological background. That is the true reason of unparalleled role money plays in economic relations.

BRRR smart contract is a tool for farming interest from liquidity funds and as such, it protects all rights of funds owners by the power of Ethereum blockchain, fully established technology renown for its real-world-tested security and liberation potential. It enables fully trustless transactions between accounts of balance and completely avoids lying and cheating, if used correctly. The full legal situation of the depositor is defined by a publicly accessible and immutable computer code, all valid interactions are recorded and such records are immune to tampering.

Interpersonal relationships are constantly evolving and the coming situations are maturing. For this reason, we assume that there will be a discussion about the future development of the structure of legal relations, which are implemented by BRRR smart contract. All future decisions concerning such changes will be voted and implemented as AMENDMENTS similar to the amendments of US Bill of Rights

Our goal

Provide a means of financial freedom by utilizing DeFi.

How to achieve this

Our BRRR protocol provides interest for deposits, which can be withdrawal at anytime. Allowing for you to farm the yield of your deposits, and have the ability to get everything back out of the protocol.

The yield is defined by the bonding curve implementation that is calculated by taking into the tether supply as a main factor. As the total supply of BRRR changes, the bonding curve moves accordingly. Allowing your deposits to generate BRRR.